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The next time your office eludes you from entry owing to a locked or jammed door, don’t fret or think of bringing the window pane down! Call upon the most renowned service provider in the whole of Washington, DC, and have anything and everything you can think of under the commercial locksmith umbrella, catered to.

Here is a brief glimpse of what our accomplished technicians can get done for you:

  • Washington DC Lock And Key Washington, DC 202-753-3885Servicing office lockouts
  • Change existing locks
  • All types of mailbox locks
  • New lock installation on doors
  • Old padlock cutting and disengagement
  • Repair and unlock of safes
  • Carrying out critical security inspections and audits
  • Master key set up for offices and factories
  • Customized key making and duplication
  • Efficient lock replacement
  • Maintenance jobs for commercial  locks
  • Door replacement and adjustment
  • Repair and maintenance of level handles
  • Escape bar installation and repair
  • File cabinet lock replacement and unlocking

How early can you get our commercial locksmith services?

Washington DC Lock And Key Washington, DC 202-753-3885We appreciate the fact fully that commercial applications ask for quick turnaround times from locksmith professionals. This is why Washington DC Lock And Key operates with a team which is constantly mobile, and readily mobilized to reach the location of the emergency at the earliest. While the actual time it takes one of our adroit commercial locksmith to reach you would depend upon the exact location of your facility, we have been able to reach most places in Washington, DC, within a competitive span of 20- 30 minutes.

Should you expect any subsequent damage?

Doors and locks installed at commercial facilities are generally quite sturdy in make, so as to uphold against even the most staunch burglary attempts. If you experience a lockout, you can confidently expect a technician from Washington DC Lock And Key to be abreast with tools and techniques, which look at salvaging the lock in the very first instance. However, there can be times where drilling the lock through is the only option at hand, to resolve your emergency. Even in such last retorts, expect our locksmiths to exhibit complete professionalism and perform the drilling with finesse, minimizing any collateral damage to supporting peripherals.

Do you need to worry about the technicalities of existing security infrastructure?

Being commercial operators ourselves, we understand that security and locksmith services aren’t the core skill of your business and hence, we do not expect you to have any prior knowledge in it. Trust a specialist locksmith from Washington DC Lock And Key to render end to end security consulting, installation and maintenance services, which is preceded by a critical assessment of the pre-existing installation. So, all you need to do is watch our skilled locksmiths at work, as they go about beating your commercial locksmith woes for you!

Is safe handling and unlocking a part of the deal?

Well, why not! We understand every business has its stack of valuable assets and documents, which need to be stowed in a safe haven. For times when your memorized safe combination does not let you into it, call for services from Washington DC Lock And Key, and we can dexterously help you gain back access.

For 360 degree commercial locksmithing solutions in Washington, DC, rely on Washington DC Lock And Key!

Garage Door Locks in Washington, DC

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural setups rely heavily on transportation and maintain commercial garages for their vehicles. These heavy-duty garages are the life and soul of these companies; therefore, smooth functioning of these doors is absolutely essential. Washington DC Lock And Key is a trusted locksmith firm in Washington, DC that offers a complete range of commercial services with special focus on garage door locks  repair and replacement services.  click here to read more ​

High-Security Locks in Washington, DC

An organization is responsible for the safety and security of not only its assets and valuable data, but its entire workforce, customers, clients, and anybody else that is a part of the premise. Although not visible in sight, a high-security locking system silently works behind the scenes to ensure maximum protection within the work environment. Washington DC Lock And Key is the no.1 locksmith firm that provides 360-degree solutions for your high-security locksclick here to read more ​

Key Cutting For Commercial in Washington, DC

Key cutting is an extremely delicate job and only a professional locksmith can execute it to perfection. Business owners don’t take chances with the security of their property and always choose the best professionals in town. If you run and operate a commercial setup anywhere in Washington, DC, Washington DC Lock And Key is your calling card for all business locksmith solutions. click here to read more ​

Panic Bar Fresh Installation in Washington, DC

Panic bars are installed at all commercial and residential buildings for two reasons. First, they are easy to access in a disaster situation like an earthquake or fire and second, they are impossible to access from outside and keep external threats at a safe distance. All apartments and commercial buildings are mandated by the authorities to get panic bars installed to maintain optimum security standards. click here to read more ​

Commercial Eviction Service in Washington, DC

Landlords anywhere in the world would want tenants who pay rent on time, comply with the property rules, and keep the establishment in good shape. Unfortunately, many landlords have to endure tenancy marred with non-disciplinary acts, rent arrears, and disorderly conduct. Landlords holding commercial properties undergo a greater degree of mental harassment since there is a lot at stake. What if there was a company who could make things easier for you? If you own a commercial establishment in Washington, DC and want to carry out a smooth eviction, contact Washington DC Lock And Key, the best commercial eviction service  in your area. click here to read more ​